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New Partner... New Choices...

2014 Benefit Links

With this year’s open-enrollment, you have the option of participating in four (4) new plan options:

Silver Copay Plan

Gold Copay Plan

Platinum Copay Plan

Consumer HSA Plan

All options use the Anthem PPO network of providers and the change to this new approach allows you to select the best plan to meet your individual needs each year at open-enrollment.

Beginning January 1, 2014 - State Industrial will provide four new benefit options through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to all eligible employees. The change to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield brings a more expansive network of healthcare professionals to our staff throughout the country.

United Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona will remain responsible for the payment of all services incurred through December 31, 2013.


Incentives For Health

In fact, our new plans will provide employees with a deductible discount ranging from $500 to $1,000 in 2014. Even better, enrollees in the new Consumer Plan will qualify for a contribution into their Health Savings Account.

This program will continue throughout 2014 to provide employees with a credit during the 2015 benefit period.

Last year, SIP launched a new initiative called Incentives For Health. Through this program, employees who participated in the onsite biometrics testing or chose to visit their personal physician for an annual physical are eligible for a deductible credit in 2014.

Studies show healthy habits result in lower healthcare costs and at SIP we believe you deserve a reward for being engaged!

Looking For Plan Details?

We recognize change is sometimes difficult; however, we are confident the new Anthem Marketplace portal will greatly enhance your enrollment experience.

Checkout the full enrollment support guide online! CONSUMER PLAN GUIDE COPAY PLANS GUIDE

Please note: only medical enrollment is done online via Anthem Marketplace at this time, you must still complete the online enrollment for dental, vision and income benefits through this site.

To help you evaluate the best medical and prescription option for you, SIP has contracted with an online enrollment support organization through Anthem Marketplace.

While ensuring that your personal information remains 100% confidential, the Anthem Marketplace portal will explain our benefit plans, allow you to research the best option for your individual needs, and complete the medical enrollment process.